WESTFIELD, NJ - The Westfield Town Council met briefly on Tuesday to vote on various resolutions that had previously been discussed and to address public notices, such as one for pool registration.  Primarily, the Council heard from Councilwoman Joann Neylan regarding plans to update the township's website with safety and other alerts. 

Councilwoman Joann Neylan explained to the Council and attendees that she would be working to devise a "quick, informative section for update alerts" which will be posted on the town's website. "We want to make use of technology," said Neylan. "Making use of what we have will in turn provide a safer environment, alerting the community to the goings-on in our town." The 'alert system' will provide the public with information that is currently happening in the town, including all safety issues. For example, if there were burglaries in the neighborhood, people would know immediately and be informed as to what steps to take in order to feel safe in their own homes.

"We will continue to collect data and address problems that arise. We will then determine if any judgements will be needed and taken into action. The public will have access to all discussed," explained Neylan.

Bruce Kaufman, Director of the Recreational Committee, also explained the process of registration for the pool, which began on February 1st. "Any registration for 2009 pool members will continue until April 5th," said Kaufman. "Those that did not register in 2009 will find information on the website and in our local newspaper. There will be a wait list. These people will need to fill out an application. Those that are already members will be receiving emails to update their registration online."

In other news, the Finance Committee introduced six resolutions at the meeting that were all approved by the Council. The first was a resolution authorizing the Chief Financial Officer to prepare warrants for postage charged to the Tax Assessor, followed by an authorization of the Chief Financial Officer to draw warrants for overpaid taxes for 2009. It was also authorized that the Officer draw a warrant for overpaid taxes for 2009 pursuant to Judgement of the Tax Court as well as for the postage meter. A budget transfer was also authorized. Another resolution that had previously been discussed was approved to refund unused parking permit fees. The Public Safety, Transportation and Parking Committee, headed by Joann Neylan, authorized a resolution that the Police Department advertise for a public auction. A resolution for an on-call traffic consultant was also approved.