WESTFIELD, NJ — A new ordinance approved by the Westfield Town Council at Tuesday’s meeting will regulate the installation of solar energy systems.

“The two-fold purpose is to encourage solar energy opportunities while at the same time ensuring that our town character and the character of our neighborhoods is maintained,” Councilman Sam Della Fera, chair of the code review and town property committee, told the council in May.

Among the new rules: Solar energy systems cannot be located on street-facing roof planes or street-facing facades.

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One of the provisions in the ordinance ensures that no solar energy system located on a rooftop would cause that structure to exceed existing height restrictions.

Other regulations require panels to be screened or oriented so that glare is directed away from adjoining properties and streets and prohibit advertising on the systems.

“I think this will be a good mechanism to maintain the aesthetic quality of our neighborhoods in Westfield,” Della Fera told the council just before the final vote Tuesday. All voted in favor of the ordinance, no. 2063.

Councilwoman Jo Ann Neylan and Councilman Frank Arena were absent from the meeting.