Tamaques Elementary hosted its 3rd Annual STEM Day on Friday, January 24, 2014. Throughout this day, through each grade, excitement about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (which makes up the acronym STEM) was generated via fun hands-on experiments that showed students real-life applications of STEM. The program was organized and presented by Principal Michael Cullen, Tamaques parents and other volunteers who have a background or interest in STEM topics.

Headed by parent volunteer Barbara Maguire, small groups of first-third graders in the morning and fourth and fifth graders in the afternoon were included in experiments about 3D printing, tessellations, science's impact on sports, maglev trains, probability/investments and neuroscience and the brain. In addition, the Edison School Robotics club, along with teacher/advisor Sean Bonasera, presented how it uses robotics in competition to solve realistic problems

All students experienced a real-life STEM application as they worked in groups to follow a project plan and attempt to build a battery out of ordinary materials (including pennies) to light an LED. Beyond experiencing what scientific principles can actually accomplish in applied settings, the students are also exposed to possible STEM career paths.