Don't you just love all those commercials we're seeing on TV this time of year? You know, the ones that suggest that getting your taxes in order is as easy as popping some numbers into a tax software program, then click-click-click-done!

Does it make you wonder why CPAs aren't obsolete? That's right, we're not going away anytime soon, because the reality is that taxes can be quite complex and stressful: It's a much better plan to have an expert working on your behalf and supporting you.

Anyone can drop numbers into software to achieve what might pass off as adequate results. However, having a CPA analyze your tax situation and prepare your tax returns gives you the confidence that an expert is at the helm.

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CPAs make it their business to keep up with and understand the ins and outs of today's complex tax laws. In fact, your CPA not only prepares your returns, they are ready to work with you all year round. They can become your trusted advisor to help you tackle tax or financial situations. Some of my best clients are the ones who contact me throughout the year. 

Wouldn't you appreciate finding tax savings opportunities? Would it benefit you to have someone help you plan for next year?

CPA's are about the bottom line - and for us, that means easing your stress, saving you some money and giving you the comfort of working with a specialist who understands and keeps up with tax law.