Historic Interpreter Stacy Roth will present an interactive program titled “Soldiers Without Guns: Women Defense Workers in World War II” on Friday, Nov. 6, for the Westfield Historical Society. Roth will assume the character of Rosie Niemiec, a housewife who decided to do her bit for the war effort (and surprise her husband) by taking a job as a welder in s shipyard. There will also be a display of period artifacts and ephemera, a discussion of women’s participation on the home front and an invitation to the attendees to share memories, memorabilia and personal and family stories of the Second World War.

Roth holds a BA in History from Kean College of NJ, an MA in American Civilization from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MLS from Rutgers. Stacy is also the author of Past Into Present: Effective Techniques for First-Person Historical Interpretation and has spoken widely to throughout our area about New Jersey history. 

The presentation will be held in the Community Room of the Westfield Municipal Building at 425 E Broad Street Westfield.  Light refreshments will be served. The program is free and open to the public but there is a suggested contribution of $5 per person to help offset costs. Please bring any personal memorabilia or experiences of this important time in American history to share.  For more information, please call the Westfield Historical Society at 908-654-1794 or contact info@westfieldhistoricalsociety.org.