Out Run Your Fork and Ono Bowls are proud to present a free workshop titled "It’s Time to Recharge Your Life and Jumpstart Your Weight Loss!" Reserve your tickets before we sell out.

When: Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018
Where: 107 Quimby St., Westfield, NJ
Cost: Free

Ono Bowls and health expert Tony Bianchino from Out Run Your Fork are bringing you a workshop that will help you recharge your life and jumpstart your weight loss.

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In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • JUMP START WEIGHT LOSS — Eliminate the possibility of eating for comfort.
  • EXERCISE FOR WEIGHT LOSS — What type of activity will help you lose the most weight.
  • BOOST YOUR METABOLISM — Burn more calories at rest through exercise.
  • REBOOT YOUR DIET — Break the cycle of dependence on bad foods. 
  • PLANT BASED DIET — Get more nutrition from the foods you already eat.
  • ELIMINATE HARMFUL FOODS — Discover which what foods are causing you problems.
  • ENERGY — Have more energy & clarity than ever.
  • REHYDRATE — Increase energy, relieve brain fog and eliminate toxins.



We look forward to meeting with you all!

— Tricia and Tony

About Out Run Your Fork:

Out Run Your Fork is a fitness company providing UNIQUE personal training, group fitness classes, and nutritional counseling. Unlike most programs, which place a plan at the center of the program, we consider the whole person and place the individual at the heart of everything we do. We slide in components of health and wellness, making each step to fitness attainable so that clients live their life without interruption while still achieving their fitness goals. The best part about this unique programming style is that it continues to grow and adapt with the person as their life continues to evolve. They carry it with them through their entire life! We also do a great amount of community outreach, speaking, education workshops at places including: YMCA, Whole Foods Market, Athleta, and State Street Bank (Corporate Wellness) among many others. Out Run Your Fork is the official Nutrition Consultant of Edison Township Schools.

Phone: 973-348-9898
Email: tony@OutRunYourFork.com
Website:  http://www.outrunyourfork.com
Facebook: /OutRunYourFork