Your Home Your Story … Everyone has a home and everyone has a story … Some homes are owned and some homes are rented. Some homes are large and some homes are small. Some homes are lived in a long time and some homes are lived in a short time. Some homes are in the suburbs and some homes are in the city. But no matter what, all homes have people who create great memories.

The Home You Grew Up In is the home where most of your childhood firsts happened. First learned to walk, first learned to ride a bike, first learned to play sports and first learned to listen to your parents. This is your cherished childhood memories home.

The Transitional Home may have been your first apartment at college or first apartment with a roommate. The place you live when you are in your first job. This, I call the growing pains home where you learn to be a responsible adult.

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The Home You First Purchase looks different for a lot of people. Some people purchase a condo when they are single or, when they are in a relationship, this can be a stepping stone. Some people purchase a home knowing it will be their starter home.  Some people purchase what they hope to be their forever home. This home is usually the new beginnings home. Whether the new beginning is a new commitment, a marriage or children ... many new and exciting memories happen here.

The Second Home You Purchase can look different for many people. For some people this is their forever home where they plant roots and stay for a long while.  Maybe it is a larger home or an upgrade from the first one purchased.For some people a second home is a vacation home at the beach or the mountains; the home to share with many people in your life. For some the second home is a down-size or a place to retire. These homes are a place for easy living.

Whichever home search phase you are in call me, Shari Kopla- 908 419-7842, to do the work as your local expert. Let’s find a home to tell the next chapter of your story.