The School Board election is roughly two weeks away and I want you to know how important your vote is.  On April 27th, you will be asked to make two decisions.   There are seven people running for the Board and you will get to choose which of them you would like to serve on your behalf.  You will also be asked to vote either “Yes” or “No” for the budget.

These elections generally bring out only 25% of the eligible voters but the results of this election will impact everyone in town and you should have your voice heard.  Whether you have young children who will soon move into the schools, or if you have kids currently in school or if you are residents who no longer use the schools; you will be impacted because we need to be able to maintain the quality of education in Westfield which in turn will support our property values.  

Last year, the school budget passed by a tally of 52% to 48%.   That demonstrates that there are many people who have concerns about the direction that we are going.  We have strong schools and a strong foundation from which to build but we clearly need to modify the thought process on how we conduct the business of our schools.   At a recent School Board meeting where the budget was presented, I asked the Board if they had changed their approach in the development of this year’s budget because of the vote last year.  Although I did not get a direct answer of yes or no, it was clear to me that although the Board worked hard to create a budget where we maintained programs and had a relatively minimal increase in the tax levy, we did not significantly evolve the thought process that we used.  This is what I am advocating, a change in the thought process. 

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As I have been campaigning for the Board, residents have asked me whether I think that they should vote YES for the budget.  Well, everyone has to make their own choices but regardless of how you vote, you should be asking more questions and holding the Board and the administrators more accountable for answering those questions to the best of their knowledge. 

Come out and vote on April 27thand cast your vote for me, Mark Friedman.  I am committed to working with the other Board members and the residents of Westfield on behalf of the 6,300 students currently enrolled in our schools. 

Please click on this link to hear a 2 minute video about why I am running and why I believe that I am uniquely qualified for this position.  

You can also follow my campaign at VoteForFriedman-Westfield School Board


Thanks very much for your support.

Mark Friedman

Westfield School Board Candidate