As a local retail business owner since 2010, I am writing to ask our Westfield residents to support a change in town government this coming election. 

Retail has changed; no one denies that. But the people who will succeed in the related businesses will lean into it. My discussions with Shelley Brindle, Linda Habgood and the other challengers are all about what we can do to help our downtown get right and stay right.  They are interested in what the merchants and residents really think and see.  And from this and their own knowledge and skills that they bring to the table, they are devising a plan, multi-leveled, long range and comprehensive.  

This is not the only concern that exists in Westfield, I know that. But wouldn't some fresh air and new leadership be invigorating? Wouldn't you like to see what another group with new energy and business backgrounds can offer Westfield? Their approach to downtown issues radiates across the board; they are just as thorough in solutions related to tax dollars, revenues, teardowns and other community concerns. They are listening and they hear us.

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I am hosting Meet the Candidates evening this coming Thursday, Oct. 12, 6-8:30 p.m. at my store, Madeline Moss. Come and listen, maybe ask a question or two ... we all just want the best for Westfield. Let's try something new.

Margaret McHenry