Add another failure to the Brindle Administration’s growing list.  In addition to failing to fulfill 2017 campaign promises to, among other things, fill empty downtown storefronts, expand one-seat rides into NYC, and improve Town playing fields, Mayor Brindle and her allies have now failed in their effort at “energy aggregation.”

It turns out that forcing Westfield residents to buy their electricity collectively from a supplier chosen by the Town is no more cost-effective than allowing residents the freedom to choose their supplier on the open market.  Who knew?  Everyone.  Except, that is, the Brindle Administration. More taxpayer money wasted on studies and legal fees.  When will it end?  This November.

Sam Della Fera 
Westfield, NJ

Editor's Note: Sam Della Fera is the Vice Chair of Administration for the Westfield Town Republican Committee.