Dear Resident, 

I would like to inform the public that the president of the Westfield Rescue Squad has stepped down from his position. We would like to reassure the public that our organization does not share the views of this individual. We remain an apolitical organization.

We are committed to providing the highest quality emergency medical care to our patients. We take every call seriously and respect the responsibility that comes with having someone’s life in our hands.

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Despite recent events, we would like to thank this individual for the thousands of hours of selfless volunteerism to the town of Westfield. Our values of volunteerism remain as strong today as they have been in the 68 years since our foundation. It is a privilege and an honor to serve our community during some of their worst moments.

Our rescue squad is not and has never been an organization headed by a single person. No leader within the structure of our squad has unilateral power to enact or enforce policies. Our policies are created by an executive board that makes informed decisions based on the latest proven medical research as well as guidelines from medical authorities. 

We saw firsthand the effects and severity of the pandemic. We responded to numerous patients with COVID-19, and we had members personally affected. Our volunteers came in every day to serve the town despite the risk of exposing themselves or bringing the virus home to loved ones. On a personal note, my own mother was hospitalized for three months due to complications from COVID-19, so I personally know the gravity of this pandemic.

Our organization does not stand behind comments downplaying the severity of this pandemic. We have taken extraordinary safety precautions to try to limit exposure to the virus and provide a safe environment into which we take our patients. 

Several residents have contacted our organization voicing their concerns about these recent events in the media. They have expressed their fear of being in our care and have stated they do not intend to donate to the rescue squad any longer. We are saddened by this, but we respect their decisions. We will continue to uphold our mission to provide the best care possible.

The structure of the Westfield Rescue Squad may change in the coming months. Due to attrition of members as a result of COVID-19 and a potential lack of funding, we will be taking steps to ensure that the highest quality medical care possible will continue to be provided to the residents of Westfield. Your safety is our primary concern. 

Sergio Guzman, 

Chief of the Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad