The upcoming congressional election is not a typical midterm. We, as a country, are in a state of crisis. We need strong leaders to hold the current White House administration accountable on important policy matters such as healthcare, the environment, gun violence, and the rights of women.

Throughout his candidacy, Tom Malinowski has demonstrated intellect, conviction, and strength. As a grassroots community advocacy organization focused on shaping responsible policy that supports human rights and encourages opportunity for all, Westfield 20/20 proudly endorses Tom to represent District 7 in the House of Representatives.

Tom’s calm nature and pragmatism will be true assets during these turbulent times. His experience as Chief Advocate of Human Rights Watch and Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor speak to the weight that fairness and decency carry in his worldview. Such traits are in dire need at the present time.

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Furthermore, Tom’s policy proposals align with the values of Westfield 20/20, as well as those of many in our community, our state, and our nation.

Gun violence is a scourge on our nation. Tom supports renewing the national assault weapons ban and raising the minimum age for firearms purchases to 21. He opposes the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, and promises to never accept campaign donations from the NRA.

Our environment is under threat. Tom supports green technologies and state and federal efforts to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Trump administration and Congress are relentlessly undermining access to affordable healthcare. Tom supports a public option for the Affordable Care Act, and will fight Trump’s efforts to weaken the law by repealing protections against preexisting conditions and contraceptive coverage.

It’s far beyond time that women are given the full measure of their rights in all segments of American society. Tom will fight for Planned Parenthood, equal pay, paid family leave, and Title IX, while standing with women against sexual harassment and assault.

Trump’s fiscal policies are attacking our pocketbooks while ignoring our crumbling infrastructure. Tom will work to repeal the Republican tax bill. He supports job training and community college programs, raising the minimum wage, and building the roads, tunnels, and bridges on which New Jersey residents depend—infrastructure improvements that will affect us directly.

We must protect the weakest in our society from the cruel policies of this White House. As a human rights advocate and Assistant Secretary of State, Tom has stood up for the oppressed. He opposes Trump’s travel ban and is willing to work across the aisle to reform our immigration policies and protect Dreamers.

Westfield 20/20 looks forward to calling Tom Malinowski our congressman. Our community and our country will be well served by his leadership.


Marci Bandelli and Lillian Duggan

Co-founders, Westfield 20/20