Caregiver Available: Looking to Care for My Next Senior Precious Jewel

Posted May 27, 2022

If anyone knows of an older woman, and sometimes man, who needs a companion/care giver, please contact me. I have a lot of experience and have worked with people who have different types of dementia, Alzheimer/s and those who are naturally aging. 

I have educated myself by taking classes, seminars and constant readings. Every case is different. I love working with the older population and they deserve care and compassion at this stage of their lives.  And they still have so much to give. 

Although I have worked in hospitals, sub-acutes and nursing homes, my doctor has advised me to work in private homes during the pandemic. I have a tendency to "adopt" my clients and that works well for both of us. I am non-medical and I am not an aide. My goal is to fill every need that my client has, and support and reassure the woman or man in every way possible. 

Thank you for your kind consideration


Contact Information
  1. Maxine Lefkwowtz
  2. 973-464-8066