Wanted: Temporary PT Maintenance Custodian

Posted December 18, 2019

Wanted: Temporary PT Maintenance Custodian
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Wanted: Temporary PT Maintenance Custodian

Job Description for: Part-time Maintenance Custodian


The Maintenance Custodian is primarily responsible for the care, cleaning, maintenance and minor repair of the property and facilities of the First United Methodist Church during the hours worked and under the supervision of Trustees and senior pastor.

Primary Job Responsibilities:

Upon request by the trustees, pastor, church members, tenants and renters of the building, the maintenance custodian may be required to do the following during working hours:

  1. Set-up and take down chairs and tables for events
  2. Vacuum and clean floors in rooms and sanctuary before and after events
  3. Collect and remove waste in receptacles
  4. Assist with routine or emergency clean-up rooms and disposal of materials
  5. Open (unlock) doors for events and assure building is locked and secured after events
  6. Turn on and off heat or air conditioning as appropriate
  7. Walk through the building periodically to check on status of rooms and spaces (e.g., doors and windows locked, bathroom and kitchens are clean, heat and a/c are on or off as appropriate, etc.)
  8. Maintain the immediate areas outside the building such as snow removal on walkways, sweeping sidewalks and removal of any debris
  9. Perform minor repairs such as replacement of light bulbs, fixing broken items such as windows, small furniture and doorknobs
  10. Assist with set-up and take down of staging and/or other items needed for church events
  11. General knowledge of building infrastructure in order to trouble-shoot problems as necessary, including boilers, air conditions, security system, utilities (gas, water), etc.

Requirements and Skills:

  1. Standard work hours are Sunday from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
  2. Work for events held at church by outside renters which may include weekdays, weekday night or Saturday; generally about twice per month and 4 hours per day
  3. Ability to work with multiple concurrent assignments
  4. Follow through on tasks and timely completion of work
  5. Language: fluent in English sufficient to understand directions and communicate information
  6. Knowledge of building infrastructure, including heating and cooling systems


  1. Prior handyman and/or custodial work experience, especially in a large multi-use building

Please email resume to:

Contact Information
  1. Ben Lohmann
  2. 908-233-4211