We are facing a health crisis that is spreading quickly across the world and in our community. School closings, restaurants, gyms, theaters, and businesses are all being shut down -- all of this in an effort to limit the spread of this disease. We have been asked to practice social distancing and avoid crowds of no more than fifty people.

Our children may think that this is a good time to socialize and may not fully understand the impact of being around others who may be infected. Others can be infected and not even know it. Therefore, it is for this reason that we cannot socialize nor follow our daily normal routines.

That being said, many of us are working remotely and sharing space and time with our children who are home as well.  This new normal may last up to eight weeks if not more.  We are now sharing breakfast, lunch, dinner and space with our families. So, how do we prepare for this togetherness without losing patience? 

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It is very important we establish healthy boundaries with our children and make a daily schedule. No matter what age your child is, educators recommend providing structure. Explain to them the reasons that school has shut down and the importance of keeping up with their studies and being responsible. Set times during the day that they have breaks. Have a sit down meeting and discuss the challenges and the concerns and expectations of being in isolation. Discuss the role each of you play and what you can do to make this a smooth experience.

After a full day of work and school, we may just cave in and allow our children to meet up with their friends. Please remember that it is for this reason they are out of school so that they do not contaminate one another and spread the virus. Being outdoors is a safe option. You can schedule time for running, hiking or bike riding either alone or with your family. Being physically active is critical in boosting your mood.

Social media is huge for our children; it is the way they connect with one another. Definitely incorporate this as part of their break time once they have completed all their assignments, etc.

Coronavirus has raised a lot of questions for parents, like what it means to work from home while parenting. Every family is facing this same concern. However, with the proper communication, schedules and boundaries, everyone can get through this.

Our children are accustomed to participating in many activities after school and keeping very busy. This could be a very good time to slow down and become more mindful.  Remember to allow everyone in the family to have their own space.