What do employment law attorneys look for when selecting a harassment or discrimination case on a contingency fee basis?

  • Likable and competent client – charisma and competency add value to a case, lending credibility to the plaintiff’s story.
  • A direct statement or overt act against the client motivated by prejudice against his or her protected class status (ie. race, gender or disability).
  • Independent verification of the client’s story by witnesses or supporting documentary evidence.
  • Internal complaints documented by writing or recording.
  • Proof of economic and/or emotional damages as a result of the employer’s bad conduct or treatment.
  • A clear set of facts and concise time frame that enable a jury to “connect the dots” and find the employer acted with bias.
  • Proof that the excuse (if any) that the company is using to justify its conduct is simply a pretext or smoke screen to disguise its unlawful conduct.