WESTFIELD, NJ -- All students in Holy Trinity School learn the stories behind Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday. Some of our youngest students in PreK-3 and PreK-4 had a wonderful visit on Monday, March 22 with Holy Trinity Church pastor, Father Anthony Randazzo, as he shared Jesus’ journey during that time. 

The children sat attentively as Father Randazzo described how people “a long, long, long, LONG, time ago” welcomed Jesus by waving palm leaves as he walked by. Fr. Randazzo told the children that the palms of their hands “are used to welcome others.”  The students then pretended to be palm trees and used their hands to pretend they were growing palm leaves. On Friday, March 26, the students gather in the hallway with palm leaves they created out of construction paper to reenact the scene themselves.

Since 1916, Holy Trinity School (336 1st St, Westfield) has provided a quality Catholic education to Westfield and the surrounding communities. A 2011 National Blue Ribbon and a Middle States accredited school, its mission is to educate our students to actualize their full, individual potential both spiritually and academically, while adhering to the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church. This will enable them to become responsible members of their families, high schools, churches, and communities in an ever-changing world.