A total of 23 winter concerts will take place in the Westfield Public Schools this season. The first one begins with Edison Intermediate School’s band concert on Dec. 5 and will conclude with the Westfield High School Chorale of Love Songs on Feb. 10. The entire schedule is posted on the district’s website www.westfieldnjk12.org and appears below.

Westfield senior citizens are once again invited to the final rehearsal of Westfield High School’s Winter Choral Concert on Wednesday, Dec. 20, in the High School’s auditorium, 550 Dorian Road, from 11:45 a.m. – 12:20 p.m

ALL CONCERTS LISTED BELOW BEGIN AT 7:00 p.m. (unless otherwise noted)

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12/5/17                        Edison Intermediate School Band @ Westfield High School (WHS)

12/5/17                        Washington Band & Chorus

12/6/17                        McKinley 5th Grade Band & Orchestra

12/6/17                        Roosevelt Intermediate School Band @ WHS

12/7/17                        Westfield High School Band

12/11/17                      Franklin, Tamaques, Washington & Wilson Strings @ WHS

12/12/17                      Edison Intermediate School Orchestra @ WHS

12/12/17                      Franklin Chorus

12/13/17                      Jefferson 5th Grade Band, Chorus & Orchestra

12/13/17                      McKinley Chorus

12/13/17                      Roosevelt Intermediate School Orchestra @ WHS

12/13/17                      Tamaques Band & Chorus

12/14/17                      Westfield High School Orchestra

12/18/17                      Franklin Advanced Band

12/19/17                      Edison Intermediate School Chorus @ WHS

12/19/17                      Wilson Band & Chorus

12/20/17                      Roosevelt Intermediate School Chorus @ WHS

12/20/17                      For Senior Citizens 11:45 AM @ WHS

12/21/17                      Westfield High School Chorus

1/10/18                        District Band Night @ WHS

1/11/18                        District Orchestra Night @ WHS

1/17/18                        District Choral Night @ WHS

2/10/18                        WHS Chorale Night of Love Songs