Westfield High School graduates returned to their alma mater on Jan. 8 to share tips for navigating college life with current WHS students and their parents. Entitled "I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now - College Edition" and moderated by K-12 Director of Counseling Maureen Mazzarese, the panel of college students discussed selecting majors and classes, time management, roommate relations and other topics. 

The panel included WHS Class of 2014 graduate Sanjay Sujanthakumar (University of Southern California); WHS Class of 2017 graduates Izzy Montes (Monmouth University) and Paul Vernick (George Washington University); WHS Class of 2018 graduate Madison Pena (The College of New Jersey); and WHS Class of 2019 graduates Emma Herber (College of William and Mary), Julia Salvato (Penn State), Matthew Siroty (College of William and Mary) and Ethan Useloff (University of Massachusetts, Amherst).

"I hope the WHS students and parents who were present were able to see that there are many paths and options when it comes to post-graduation success," says WHS principal Mary Asfendis who praised panel members for their "articulate and thoughtful presentation."