Two years ago, voters in Westfield approved a bond referendum to renovate the aging auditoriums in Edison and Roosevelt Intermediate Schools. Major aspects of the renovations include new seating and flooring, electrical and lighting upgrades, state-of-the-art sound systems, acoustical treatments and air conditioning.

On April 11 and 12, students, staff, families and other members of the community celebrated the auditorium makeovers with both schools holding an open house to thank the Westfield community for its support.

“The auditorium of a school is a hub of many activities including concerts, plays, musicals, assemblies and presentations,” said Roosevelt Principal Mary Asfendis. “We are so grateful to the community for their support of the renovation of this space that showcases the wonderful fine arts programs that we have here at Roosevelt School.  

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Visitors to both schools were treated to an array of student musical performances and to a 7-minute video highlighting the evolution of the auditorium renovations.

“The auditorium open house was a fantastic event that allowed us to both thank the Westfield community and showcase our amazing new auditorium,” said Matthew Bolton, principal of Edison School. “We couldn’t be more pleased with this new addition to our school and look forward to the many amazing performances that it will house.”

“The open house gave us an ideal opportunity to demonstrate how proud we are of our new space and of the talented students we have here at Roosevelt,” Asfendis added. “From vocals to instrumentals to drama, the caliber of the performances complemented the improvements to the auditorium.”

Superintendent of Schools Margaret Dolan praised the efforts of all involved in the renovation process and the open house planning.

“From start to finish, the auditorium renovation truly was a community effort,” Dolan said. “I add my voice to the many who are so grateful to the Westfield community for its support of these vibrant  spaces.”