Last time we checked, it was barely the beginning of summer, and now it’s already autumn. How did your air conditioner hold up over the past few months? 

If you skipped having your system maintained in the spring or summer, it’s important make sure it’s still in good shape now so you can stay comfortable next season.

The number one cause of air conditioning and heating failure is dirt. To keep the system clean change your air filters at least every three months, ideally every month. Additionally, have a qualified technician clean it at the beginning of every cooling and heating season. 

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You should never skip a tune-up, however new your system is. Here’s why:

  • It saves you money. Proper, annual maintenance will extend the life of your system, usually by three to five years, and keep it running at peak efficiency. Dirt on the blower blades means reduced airflow, which makes the unit work harder to move the same amount of air, and a harder working blower uses more energy. An unmaintained system can raise your utility bill by 20-50%.  
  • Get the most out of your system’s lifespan. A system should last 8 to 10 years, but without regular maintenance from a trained technician you won’t know of any conditions that may shorten its lifespan. If your system is aging, a technician can also give you an idea of how long it has left. 
  • Every major manufacturer requires annual maintenance for equipment warranties, so skipping it can potentially cost you thousands more in out of pocket repairs.
  • A clean blower keeps the rest of your home clean as well. Dirt inside your unit is picked up by the air currents, blowing it throughout your home. The same goes for bacteria, viruses, and fungus particles.
  • Emergency repair is inconvenient and expensive. Your system is much more likely to break down unexpectedly without regular maintenance.

For more information on maintaining your cooling or heating system, visit– a family-operated business based in Tinton Falls, founded in 1971.