Selling your home? A kitchen cleanup will pay off.

Let’s take a walk thru your kitchen. Will it be appealing to buyers? You have made breakfast, coffee or a smoothie every morning for yourself and or family.  Made the most delectable special dinner and entertained like a Celebrity chef or catered that special event. All your favorite gadgets are out on the counter. You virtually have taken over the prime real estate of that kitchen counter. When it comes to selling a home, a kitchen is very important.  

You’ve noticed the wear and tear of the area and thought “how did it ever get like this”. You don't have to do an expensive remodel to make your kitchen appealing. If you're starting with a good kitchen space, then making a few inexpensive modifications can help you get your home noticed and sell for more money or just sell.

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Let’s start. Some people like to leave every single appliance that they use out on the counter for ease and convenience but, you need to show good space and flow. You're going to have to clear your counters.  The horizontal spaces need to have a clear deck you may get away with 2 appliances only let’s say a coffee pot or tea kettle and toaster or toaster oven or blender. Some major mistakes sellers make is leaving the kitchen, or their home, the way they live every day. Well you are now selling and you need to change the way you live. Sorry its true. The way you sell and show a home is not the way you normally live, its inconvenient but its worth the hassle if you want to sell and move on to the next chapter.

So, look around your kitchen and see what you can put away. The more space available on the counter tops, the better. Some well-placed subtle decorations that bring your kitchen to life are perfect but primarily you want to Leave open space for buyers to imagine their own belongings in your kitchen.

Do you have a hanging pot rack blocking the view into the kitchen? Unless it’s necessary or really nice decor that doesn't block views or hang too low, removing it will help create a greater feeling of spaciousness.

Wipe the counter tops thoroughly. Sounds ridiculously simple and obvious. But many times, this is overlooked  and the counter tops are left sticky or with stains. The cabinets need attention too, wipe everything downs. It will make a big difference A little elbow grease could remove that wine or pomegranate juice stain  and make the kitchen look much more cared-for.

If you don't have a center island but you have extra space consider a moveable console with shelves or butcher block that can add a convenient work space and a sophisticated look.

Get some light in the kitchen. If you have all recessed lighting, you might try adding a few pendant lights or just update that light fixture.

Change your flooring if it's very old, torn up, or outdated. Putting in some inexpensive flooring that gives an updated look will help. You don't have to spend lots of money and get the best flooring around; just make sure your flooring doesn't make your home look like it's in a time warp.

Add some plants and greenery to the kitchen. Using fresh herbs in simple containers is a great way to add some natural accessories plus their lovely aromatics  help buyers think about the meals they'd cook in your kitchen.  Think about that pumpkin or apple pie that was baked in the oven. That aroma alone sparks wonderful memories.

Clean up or replace old worn-down appliances. You can sell the home with appliances "as is" but a broken dishwasher, for instance, is a point of price negotiation. You can expect buyers to want some money off or for it to be replaced.

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of a home for most buyers, even if they don't cook. Taking the time to embrace and enhance this area before you list your home will help in a successful transaction 

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