Across the nation, people appreciate historic and architectural character as being essential to the identity and unique character of their communities. They promote historic preservation because to do so is essential to cultural, social, economic and environmental sustainability. Historic resources are key ingredients in neighborhood livability and quality of life, minimizing negative impacts on the environment and yielding economic vitality and reward.

In an increasingly fast-paced, anonymous form of development, the individual character of each community becomes a precious identity. This identity helps to create a sense of stability and enables an understanding of how this unique character can provide a direction and inspiration for the form of future development. Many residents and businesses are also drawn to historic or older homes, buildings and neighborhoods because the quality and richness of design, construction, craftsmanship and materials, are typically very high; and homes and buildings are readily adaptable to contemporary needs. Westfield is no exception, it has a series of visually rich residential, commercial and historic matured tree lined neighborhoods with Victorian and Colonial homes.

At the focal point is Downtown of Westfield that was awarded the Main Street of America Award in 2004. The Main Street movement grew out of recognition that a community is only as strong as its core when many people were concerned about the residential, commercial and cultural viability of their downtown. Over the last four decades, the Main Street movement has proven that  downtown is the heart of our community, and that a community is only as strong as its core and creates a vibrant and rich lifestyle for its residents.

The historic environment is the cultural landscape of our communities. It represents the history and provides the documentation of the incremental evolution of our society and neighborhoods. They document Westfield and the surrounding communities, reflecting the many thousands of decisions which together have created Westfield’s environment, a rich cultural legacy representing those who came to stay and build this wonderful community.