If sweets are your weak spot and you succumb every time, you're probably getting more sugar than you need.  It's time to cut back, because it may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

So, what are some of the real issues at hand? 

• It can add belly fat- sugary foods are rapidly absorbed, causing insulin spikes that ultimately make you crash and trigger hunger and then can elevate triglyceride levels, increasing your risk of heart disease and diabetes. An overload of fructose can build fat deep in the abdomen. Excess sugar that can’t be protected from your cells by insulin is stored as fat. Shift your thinking away from an obsession with fat and yo-yo dieting, and instead aim for changes that will help you become metabolically fit.

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• It ages you- sugar breaks down collagen through the formation of AGE’s (advanced glycation end products) and gets in the way of healthy cell formation. No amount of beauty cream can intercept this.

• You get the energy, then the crash- because of the rapid entry into the blood you feel briefly energized but because there is little stabilization, you ultimately crash feeling sluggish, less energetic and creating the need for more.

Are you addicted to sugar?  

• Do you crave something sweet after your meal?

• Do you have at least one soft drink (diet or regular soda, iced tea, Gatorades, Vitamin Water, etc.)

• When you see something sweet, do you have trouble passing it up?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be relying on sugar more than you think, and it could be playing a part in your afternoon energy crash. Maybe it's time for a "sugar detox." But first, let's start with small changes. Research has shown that exercising regularly, even if it is just going on walks, contributes significantly to reducing risk for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Exercise combined with consistent, wise food choices made with help from a health professional can go a long way toward improving the body’s efficiency and quality of life.

Begin by eliminating one little thing and build from there. Progress doesn’t happen overnight. Working with a health coach can help with a “sugar detox,” giving you the steps and the accountability necessary to make the transition to a less sugar-filled life. It can take about a month, if you are totally committed. Once you begin to feel and see the changes, you will notice a big change in your energy, your skin and your overall well-being. You will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. ☺

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