WESTFIELD, NJ — Originally scheduled for March but postponed due to rain, Downtown Westfield’s “Midday Madness” clue hunt is coming up on Sunday, April 7.

Teams are encouraged to use their wiles in the upcoming contest that will have them solve riddles and dash around the downtown.

What is it?

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The New Jersey company Midnight Madness Events has partnered with Downtown Westfield Corporation for the hunt, which will have people of all ages solve the queries and take selfies at spots in the downtown for the chance to win prizes.

Jason Gourvitz, who is among the game masters running the event, said he and his fellow masters will be stationed in the space formerly occupied by Chico’s while participants scour the downtown. At least 20 teams have already registered for the event, Gourvitz said on Wednesday. Mum’s the word about the specific clues.

Tell us about the clues?

“I don’t know if we really want to give out the clues that people are going to be playing with,” Gourvitz said. “That would give them an unfair advantage if they read the article.”

But the company did offer a sample clue from a similar hunt.

CLUE: You paid $39.99 for a pair of shoes. Your teammate paid $49.99 for that same pair of shoes. What happened to you?

ANSWER: Payless.

“So, you'd go to a Payless store, take a team selfie and text that picture to your game master,” explained Kevin Harrison of Midnight Madness.

While Midnight Madness typically runs scavenger hunts that have teams drive to various locations, Westfield’s event will be entirely held on foot, Gourvitz said.

Folks get to make funny faces?

Teams will dash from shop to shop with tasks, which will include taking photos with store owners and making funny faces in front of storefronts, Gourvitz said.

Erin Ben-Hayon, who chairs the promotions committee of Downtown Westfield Corporation, anticipates local shops will get some time to shine online.

“The stores will all get people going into them,” Ben-Hayon said. “And they’ll also get the social media attention.”

The finish line will be at former Chico’s location at 76 Elm St.

What else do players need to know?

The event is set for Sunday, April 7, from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

The cost to participate is $10 per adult and $5 per child to be paid at the registration table at 76 Elm St. on the day of the event (cash or check). Participants may register at this link here.