The Fanwood-Scotch Plains-Westfield Here2Help Mental Health Coalition will offer its fifth library forum with information about preparing to send your child to college. The presentation will be held on Tuesday, March 24, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Westfield Memorial Library.

With pressure to go to “the best” college, students today are facing alarming rates of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues even before matriculating to a college campus. Increasing pressure on students to succeed, to be “perfect” in a social media world and being raised in a “let me fix it for you” environment is not preparing graduating high school seniors to be college ready. What are parents to do?

How can they create an environment to support their child? How can they identify and begin to address their child’s mental health needs before they leave for college? Dr. Craig Springer, from Good Life Center for Mental Health, will present on how to help both parents and students understand the importance of becoming college-ready from both academic and mental health lenses. The presentation will be followed by an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and get advice.  Admission is free, but space is limited.  Please register at:

Originally organized by the Westfield and Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCAs, the mission of the Here2Help Mental Health Coalition is to improve community awareness and understanding of mental health issues through education, basic skills training and resource information and to help break down barriers that prevent people from seeking care.  Information about Here2Help can be found at