Although the Westfield School District provides a high quality education for our town’s students, it still faces a number of challenges.  Only a few weeks ago, an anti-Semitic hate symbol was found at the Westfield High School.  Disturbingly, this is a reoccurring problem, having happened last year at the Edison School.  School safety is also of great concern, particularly given the June arrest of a man on weapons charges on the Tamaques Elementary School grounds. 

And, there is the ever-present issue of kindergarten in Westfield as well.

Given these issues – and the numerous other matters addressed by our school board that are not current topics of conversation – we need to elect someone with strong character and integrity.  That is why I hope you join me in voting for Justin Fahey on the school board this year.  I’ve known Justin for a few years know first through coaching softball in town and then generally.  He has always stood out as someone with honesty and integrity – a real straight shooter.  He operates with a strong sense of fairness and instills such values when he coaches.  His concern for our town’s children is real and manifest in each interaction with them. 

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Justin Fahey is an honest, thoughtful person, and he will bring a helpful focus to the board’s work.  He has prior experience in government, and a Master's in Public Administration, which will no doubt be useful in this role.  Moreover, at a time when most candidates run campaigns devoid of ideas, he has had the courage to put forth proposals to address these issues – such as adding school resource officers in all our schools to help address safety concerns, improving teacher training on safety, and developing a “see something, say something” campaign so that everyone can play a role in making the school safe.  I also trust his judgment on improving our schools’ curriculum and addressing anti-Semitic speech in our schools. 

This November 5th, I hope you join me in voting for Justin Fahey.