My wife Megan and I fell in love with this town when we first drove here from New York City 21 years ago. That same day, we bought the first house we saw right here in Ward 2 — four kids and a dog later, we couldn't imagine living anywhere else. 

I’ve always felt lucky to live in a town like Westfield, and there’s one experience that sums up why: 

We’d been living here for just a few weeks. I was walking the mile from my house to Westfield Station, this day in the rain, when Saul Heitner pulled up next to me. We’d never met, but he was heading to the train too and offered me a lift. What began as one simple act of neighborly kindness, turned into years of rides whenever he saw me walking, and a friendship that has continued ever since.  

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In those five-minute car rides, Saul convinced me to do the Washington School Show, the school’s largest PTO fundraiser, which I performed in for 13 years. The experience introduced us to neighbors who became great friends, established our sense of community, and made Westfield truly feel like home. That morning in the rain, I knew I made the right decision moving here. Saul’s basic generosity is emblematic of the strength of character and community that makes Westfield such a great place to live.

Professionally, I have 23 years of experience as an attorney. I’m a partner in a global law firm, where I work as a securities litigator. Prior to that, I was a prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office for almost 7 years. My work has taught me to be critically analytical and evaluative. I need to understand the weaknesses of my cases in order to fairly evaluate the strengths. 

Westfield now has a thought-out, well-planned vision for success, with representatives who are actually proactive, creative, responsive and transparent, and demonstrate a strong commitment to fiscal responsibility. As your Councilman, I’ll work to solve our most long-standing challenges and to seize our greatest opportunities. 

This community has given me and my family so much. And now couldn’t be a better time to give back to the community I love so much. Be sure to get out and vote on Tuesday, November 5. 

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