I’m not sure why our Town leaders were ever satisfied with off-peak direct service on the Raritan Valley Line, and we’re paying the price for that now. 

I have my B.A. in Economics and ran a large family business in New Jersey for over 20 years. I know how important peak one seat ride service is to the economic opportunities for our Downtown, Southside businesses, home values, and to our overall quality of life. 

The Raritan Valley Line (RVL) and the North Jersey Coast Line (NJCL) have about the same number of riders. But the NJCL has 24 peak one seat rides to NYC and our RVL has zero, and is the only major NJ Transit line without direct service.  

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Seeing recurring frustration of commuters and an escalator at Newark Penn Station that remains broken, which makes the commute even harder for our residents with mobility issues, further highlights the urgency of the work ahead of us. 

Mayor Shelley Brindle and the RVL Mayor’s Alliance she established have focused the pressure on our legislators to provide equitable service to Westfield. I don't commute by train to work, but I understand the value this will bring to all of us, and I’m committed to the fight for better service for my neighbors in Ward 4.

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