To the Editor:

Last month I posted a letter here where I stated that at a recent Town Council Meeting I expressed my concern to Mayor Brindle that the appointment of Kathleen Prunty as the Interim Executive Director of the Westfield DWC was questionable given that she was also running for Township Committee in Cranford.

Ms. Prunty has since won this race and is now an elected Cranford official which means her conflicted status as a Westfield’s DWC Executive Director is now more than ever a cause for concern and action. Again, the reason for this is simple. If, for example, a business was looking to move to our area and was strongly considering both Westfield and Cranford, she is in a clearly conflicted predicament.

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On top of this, Ms. Prunty’s DWC is now under scrutiny because of the DWC's Twitter post belittling Assemblyman Jon Bramnick.  Ms. Prunty, A Democrat, opposed Assemblyman Jon Bramnick in his run for office and enthusiastically supported his opponents in the Nov. 5 election.

In summary, because of her dual-role conflicted status and the DWC being under scrutiny for messaging to the public for political purposes, I have again asked Mayor Brindle to have Ms. Prunty step down as Westfield’s DWC Executive Director, and I ask you do same.  (FYI, Mayor Brindle, upon hearing me express these concerns to her in person said I was thinking ‘small’ in a belittling manner. No Mayor Brindle, this is BIG!)

Most Sincerely,

Frank Arena
Westfield Councilman