November’s town council election is particularly important for the future direction of Westfield. 

Over the next few years, we will be making many community-driven and transformative decisions regarding downtown, parking, pedestrian safety, traffic, fields, parks and more. To make the most of this historic opportunity, we need to elect independently-minded and collaborative councilpersons that bring a diverse set of professional skills and experience to represent you. 

We’re incredibly fortunate to have the following four candidates running:

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  • Jim Boyes for Ward 1: An environmental engineer, Jim currently serves on the reinstated Green Team and built a career managing risk.

  • Mark Parmelee for Ward 2: Former Manhattan DA’s prosecutor and currently a partner and securities litigator for a global law firm. Mark is a 13-year veteran of the Washington School Show.

  • Jenn Gilman for Ward 3: Graduated magna cum laude from Boston College, went on to become a public school teacher and a legislative leader for Moms Demand Action, where she fought for sensible gun reforms in Trenton.

  • Scott Katz for Ward 4: Studied Economics at Tulane, operated a family-owned business for over two decades and is prepared to use his experience to support our Downtown merchants. 

Two years ago, you voted for me, along with Linda Habgood, Mike Dardia, David Contract and Dawn Mackey to bring growth and positive change to our community. And now you, again, have the opportunity to elect four candidates with fresh perspectives, unencumbered by a “how things have always been done” mindset.

As Westfield’s first full-time mayor, I’ve worked to ensure our local government works efficiently, responsively, and openly on behalf of all residents, and to lead proactively to address long-standing concerns. So far, we: 

  • Achieved a 0% municipal tax increase for the first time; 
  • Maintained a target level of surplus and a AAA bond rating;
  • Prioritized and aggressively advocated for peak one-seat rides;
  • Invested in long neglected infrastructure and tripled road paving — the most in town history;
  • Appointed strong, new community-focused police department leadership;
  • Opened the town board & commission application process;
  • Led unprecedented planning process to establish long-term holistic vision for Westfield;
  • Transformed town communication with new technology, social media and live-streaming;
  • Created community events like AddamsFest to drive economic development — and have some fun!

I’m proud of how hard we’ve worked to accomplish so much so quickly. I think you’d agree — we’ve rolled up our sleeves and focused on issues that matter to you.  

With friends and neighbors on both sides of the ballot, local elections can be difficult. But as residents and taxpayers, we need to expect more from our elected officials. Providing basic constituent service and simply casting a vote at public meetings is no longer enough. We need councilpersons who will do the work and be unafraid to take active roles in championing progress.  

Politics and party aside, I am endorsing these four candidates because they are the best people for the job at this critical point in time. 

On Tuesday, November 5th, vote for continued progress in Westfield and elect the Column A candidates Jim Boyes for Ward 1, Mark Parmelee for Ward 2, Jenn Gilman for Ward 3, and Scott Katz for Ward 4! Let’s do this!