I had the privilege of being a high school volunteer for Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders BOE campaign, and it was truly a fun and eye-opening experience. Not only was my voice heard and my opinions valued as a student with a unique perspective of WHS, but this was a great way to learn about the inner workings of a political campaign. 

I wanted to join the campaign because it stands for more diversity in Westfield Public Schools through classes and the teaching of global history. As a minority that doesn’t often learn my own history and the struggles of other minorities in this country through school classes, I wanted to become a part of this campaign and its unique voice.

Aside from volunteering with my friends, which definitely enhanced my experience, this position was fun because I felt like I made an impact. Our views were validated by the campaign team instead of getting steamrolled because we’re only high school students. On the contrary, it’s because I was a high school student that I felt my opinion was heard because I have a unique perspective of Westfield High School and what can be improved in our district.

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This campaign taught me a lot about how much work goes into a campaign. I didn’t realize how important research was to a campaign and preparing the candidate’s positions on the issues. Researching was definitely the main task we had as volunteers, so we got to learn how to prepare the arguments and rebuttals for some issues.

Overall, this was a very fulfilling experience for me. I learned a lot from Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders. The candidates really seem to care about our district and its students, and I can’t wait to learn more from them.

— Amira Lee, Class of 2022