WESTFIELD, NJ – Barbara Hale, co-chair of the Westfield Hall of Fame Committee, presented the Farley Family at the Westfield Hall of Fame induction ceremony and banquet held last month at Ferraro’s Restaurant. Here is her introduction:

“I am so pleased and honored to be presenting the Farley family.

“The family has and continues to accomplish much. Some in a more private environment, others in the public arena. I am going to start with the youngest.”

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Calvin Farley:  Real estate businessman and investor

“Calvin went to Southern Methodist University and after graduation, joined Tishman Speyer, a global real estate firm, working in property management. He transitioned to leasing, first in Chicago and then New York.  Calvin played a leading role at Tishman and drove many of their largest leasing transactions. Calvin caught the entrepreneurial bug and opened his own firm last year.”

Stephen Farley: Founder of Farley Capital, an investment management firm

“After Stephen left Westfield High School, he headed to University of Texas at Austin and then on to Stanford for his MBA. His acumen in business and finance and an entrepreneurial spirit led him to open Farley Capital, an investment management firm.  Stephen has been at the helm ever since.”

Thomas Farley: Epidemiologist and Health Commissioner (NYC & Philadelphia) — focus on promoting healthy living

“Tommy received his medical degree and MPH from Tulane University. He took on several roles in public health working for the Center for Disease Control, Tulane’s School of Public Health and as advisor to the NYC Health Department. He was tapped by Mayor Michael Bloomberg for the job of Commissioner of the NY City Department of Health. In that role, Tom promoted multiple public health policies such as making city parks and beaches smoke-free, and raising the legal sales age of tobacco to 21. Dr. Farley is now the Health Commissioner of Philadelphia, and continues to focus on promoting healthy living.”

Stacey Farley: Public Artist, creates tile murals for public spaces

“Stacey obtained her MFA from the University of Illinois in Chicago. Stacey has explored various media throughout her career; however, she is known as a public artist whose ceramic tile murals tell stories of our history. Her commissioned work can be found in train stations, parks and gardens. Two are in Westfield — the train station underpass and the fireplace surround at the Reeve House. You can also see Stacey’s work at the NY Thruway at Sloatsburg, the Texas Seaport Museum in Galveston, Texas, and Secaucus Transfer Station, to name a few.”

Joel Farley: Math teacher

“Joel graduated from Westfield and went on to Princeton, obtaining a degree in economics. He then received his JD from Harvard Law School. Joel worked in the profession for several years including time with two New York firms. Joel then heard the call of teaching, specifically in math, and went on to do that important work.”

Robert Farley: A math and early computer expert

“Bobby graduated from Westfield High School.  He received his BS from Stanford, exceling in math and becoming an early computer expert.”

Katherine Farley: Real estate businesswoman, Chair of Lincoln Center

“After Kathy received her MFA in Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, she worked at Turner Construction, and after eight years joined Tishman Speyer, heading international development. In that role, she expanded markets throughout Europe, Latin American, India and China. 

“Kathy’s life as a volunteer ran parallel. She took on the Lincoln Center Redevelopment Project, an extensive campus renovation that made the campus more accessible and welcoming to the public. During the six-year project, Kathy became Chair of Lincoln Center, an appointment she still holds today. Kathy is or has been involved with many non-profit causes such as the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, the International Rescue Committee and Women in Need, to name a few.”

John Farley: Physicist and Professor — researches safe storage of nuclear waste.

“John received his BS in Physics from Harvard and PhD from Columbia. John is an atomic physicist. His primary research interest was the corrosion of steel by exposure to lead-bismuth eutectic (you-tech-tic). Let me use the slightly more everyday language: ‘The goal is to guide the selection of appropriate materials, or the treatment of existing materials, to minimize the corrosion.’ In other words, Dr. Farley researches the safe storage of nuclear waste.”

Eileen “Mike” Farley: Volunteer — a founding member of the Friends of the Westfield Library

“Mrs. Eileen Farley, born and raised in rural Canada, earned a full merit scholarship to McMaster University, and graduated with a degree in English and French. She then won a scholarship to Radcliffe College in its program for Women in Business Administration. This was fortuitous, as it was in Boston that ‘Mike’ met and fell in love with John. 

They married, she became a mom and also became a committed volunteer. Mike was a founding member and first president of the Friends of the Westfield Library. She was the first head of volunteers at the Methodist Church. Mrs. Farley was also a passionate seamstress — there wasn’t anything she couldn’t create or tailor. She even made Kathy and Stacey’s wedding dresses.”

John Farley: Patent Attorney — Registered and Defended Patent on Color Television Picture Tube for RCA

“Mr. John Farley, a true southern gentleman, obtained his law degree from the University of Memphis and an engineering degree from MIT. Mr. Farley joined Fish and Neave law firm in Manhattan as a patent attorney.  There he handled patent matters for RCA, Bell Labs, and IBM. Mr. Farley registered and defended the patent on the color television picture tube for RCA.

“I wanted to end with Mr. and Mrs. Farley for a reason. Accomplished themselves, they raised wonderful adults. In doing so, they passed on critical lessons and values.

“One lesson was the joy and value of laughter. This family is funny. Stephen: the dog license arriving in the mail with his brother’s name on it as health commissioner. Stacey’s husband, Peter: his first game of charades with the family, he was given negative cluster ions to act out.

“Another lesson was one of responsibility and taking chances.  

“A critical value handed down was that of humility and modesty. The kids all teased their mom when she said, ‘Johnny got some big award for figuring out something important that nobody knew needed to be figured out and no one else was even looking for it.’ Yes, pride, and humility.  

“Mr. and Mrs. Farley also passed on a generosity of heart and spirit. To have interest in others. To care about the community, the world and about future generations.”

The Westfield Hall of Fame is a committee of The Westfield Historical Society. The Hall of Fame Committee has a long list of qualified candidates submitted by the public for its consideration in future inductions. The Historical Society members and the public at large are encouraged to submit profiles of persons believed to be strong candidates for the Westfield Hall of Fame to Westfield Historical Society, P. O. Box 613, Westfield, NJ 07091.