Recently, I read a NJ Globe article citing a concerted effort by State Senator Tom Kean’s campaign to misrepresent Congressman Tom Malinowski’s efforts to secure coronavirus relief funding for our community. What the Kean campaign asserts couldn’t be further from reality, and I am writing today to set the record straight.

Because of lost revenue as a result of the coronavirus just about every town across America will soon be facing budget shortfalls. Congressman Malinowski knows that towns like Westfield need aid if they are to continue funding essential services. That is why he is one of four lead sponsors of H.R. 6467, a bill that would provide $250 billion dollars to municipalities with populations less than 500,000 — Westfield included. The bill has bipartisan support from over 140 co-sponsors in Congress, and last month 54 Democratic and Republican mayors and freeholders from across our district sent a letter to Congress urging them to pass it into law. Congressman Malinowski and local leaders are working together because they recognize this is not a partisan issue nor is it a time for partisan politics. 

Unfortunately, Senator Mitch McConnell and the Trump administration have blocked efforts to secure this funding for municipalities. And instead of standing up for our community, Senator Kean is going along to get along with his party’s leadership in Washington and attacking the bipartisan efforts that could actually address this problem. He has opted for politics as usual where no solutions are offered and no hand reaches across the aisle. 

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Meanwhile, in addition to H.R. 6467, Congressman Malinowski and his team have been fighting to ensure actual small businesses, and not large public corporations, get federal aid; helping constituents access benefits and resources; and organizing thousands of check-in calls to seniors. In the midst of this pandemic, Congressman Malinowski is not asking us to campaign and make noise for his re-election. Instead, he is in the virtual corridors of Congress campaigning and making noise for us. 

Thomas Jefferson said, “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” I, for one, am proud to have elected Congressman Malinowski and am comforted knowing his voice is speaking for me.