With the elections coming up, I’m sure that many people in town are not able to easily learn about the candidates as much as they would like. I know Mark Parmelee, and I can tell you that he would make a great representative to the Town Council from Ward 2.

My wife and I have been friends with the Parmelee’s for 15 years. We’ve spent time with them in many settings. We’ve seen Mark and Megan do an amazing job of raising their four children. Their second son has played sports with my older son from the youth level, through travel and club teams, and now they are both on the varsity lacrosse team. Anybody who has children in the sports programs knows that you wind up spending a lot of time with the other parents. It gives you a chance to get to know people.

Mark was always there to support the kids, coaches, and other parents. Mark’s time spent in the Manhattan D.A.’s office is particularly impressive. He has a resume of prosecuting important cases on the high profile stage of the New York City courts. His experiences there will help him in whatever he does for the rest of his life. As he tells stories from those years, he often talks not only about what is legal and illegal, but what is right and wrong, both regarding the defendant’s actions, and in how they were dealt with. Mark knows I grew up in town, so he would comment to me how much he loved living here.

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When he talks about how much he enjoys things like participating in the Washington School Show, you can tell the sense of community means a lot to him. Over the years he wouldn’t be saying these things as a politician trying to get elected. He said them simply because he felt that way. When I learned about Mark running for Town Council, I asked him about it. He talked about the people he trusted and respected who were advising him, he listed his plans for the campaign and his hopes for the town.

My memory of the conversation is that Mark’s plans were well thought out, filled with common sense and direction. As the election gets closer, I can see the passion Mark has for the town he’s made his home, and the job he’s hoping to get. As I’ve said, I’m lucky to have really gotten to know Mark Parmelee over the years. He’s a person of high character with a strong work ethic, and an all around great guy. If I could vote for him twice, I would.

Brian Tilyou
Westfield, NJ