The following letter was sent to Mayor Brindle and Councilman Contract:

Dear Mayor Brindle:

I hope that you will reverse your decision in support of crossbow killing of deer in Westfield and instead investigate/support the suggestions of “Deer Smart Communities” and review the approaches to wildlife of Mayors DeBlasio of NYC and Swiderski of Hastings on Hudson, NY.

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With regard to public safety, please consider the following, which are excerpts from “Deer Management” meetings of Union County (available via OPRA requests):

Hunting with archery relies on deer dying as a result of blood loss. A deer that has been hit by crossbow may be able to run 100 yards or more. That could be a lot of blood on the ground.

It should be anticipated that there will be several dead deer to be removed from private property, or from running into traffic.

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Sometimes injured deer are irretrievable in bow hunts, as many as 18-50%. (Mayor Brindle, what do you think happens to these poor creatures?)

Crossbow arrows referred to as bolts may pass through the deer and end up on the ground. The razor sharp edges are not always retrieved and may be become a risk to humans.

Archery is silent so there is no way for people in the area to have been alerted to the presence of hunters in the proximity.

Mayor Brindle, I hope that you will consider the above safety and humane concerns. Please also have Westfield government consider addressing/reducing the effects that humans have had on destroying the habitat of wildlife via development and human reproduction.


Gloria Binkowski, VMD
Animal Initiative Committee, Inc.
Plainfield, NJ