WESTFIELD, NJ — Westfield Public Schools open this year on Thursday, Sept. 5. Help kids stay safe and healthy as they head back to the classroom with tips from the Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad.

Alert your school nurse to changes in allergies and ailments.

“Keep medications and medical records up-to-date, including EpiPens to prevent allergic reactions, and insulin to prevent diabetic emergencies,” WVRS President David Sloan said.

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To prevent issues with behavior, he added, “Make sure children take medication [when prescribed] to stabilize their moods.”

Replace outdated meds

Sloan reminded parents to check the expiration dates on medications and replace expired medicine as soon as possible. Keeping prescription medication current involves working with the school nurse, pediatrician and the pharmacy, he said.

Work together, and be aware

Kidnapping and human trafficking in the news can be as frightening for parents as it is for children, but awareness can help keep kids safe from people who might do them harm.

“Children should consider using the buddy system, and always be aware of their surroundings,” Sloan said.  At home, “Parents should monitor online activities, including social media. Westfield is a tight-knit community that must practice safety at all times.”

Know your school's security procedures

Public schools in Westfield are tightening security following the arrest of an armed man on the grounds of Tamaques Elementary School in June and a heightened awareness of school safety across the nation.

“Parents should be aware of lockdown protocol and know who to contact,” Sloan said. “Parents should observe school safety procedures at drop-off, pick-up and visitor times. If children need help, they should be aware of safety officers in the community.”

Get there safely

The town of Westfield offers tips on how parents and other members of the community can help get children to and from school safely. Read them on the town’s website here.

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