Business challenges have been a very difficult thing to manage through the COVID-19 period.   We have abided by all the Executive orders put in place by Governor Murphy, and we are very thankful that he has acted swiftly to ensure everyone’s safety. We have also taken things several steps further as we as a company felt it best for our men and our clients.

We have made the conscious decision to keep 1 man in every truck when possible. We have cut all of our crew sizes down to only two men per job-site, as working on residential homes the properties are small. The Executive order allows for five men, but we felt that was way too many men to have on one site especially a residential home site, as human nature would end up having these men congregating and being too close to one another.  

We have halted all major planting work and drainage work as again this would cause even two men to be much too close to one another. We are making sure we are getting the most important things done like our regular weekly lawn maintenance, mulching, and minor topsoil and grass seeding work performed until the Executive orders are loosened and things get better.

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We have put in place a daily cleaning of all of our vehicles and equipment. All of our equipment has been marked with employee’s names on it to ensure that only that employee is handling that piece of equipment.   We have wash-less soap containers, a mixture of Clorox and water in spray bottles, paper towels, containers of masks and rubber gloves along with antibacterial wipes containers in each vehicle for our men’s safety.

We have ceased all Saturday work so our men could spend time with their families. We have also implemented that each and every week at least one employee sometimes two employees take a paid Monday or Friday also off to be able to spend three consecutive days with their families. We have done this as we know how important family is being a family-owned company and how the impact this Pandemic can be on families. We hope this relieves the wives and the families of our men and allows them to spend some quality time at home.

Owners of M&R Landscape & Design Inc. Manny & Rose Carlino explain that these measures that they have put in place have made a huge difference in the company morale and it has put the importance of the safety of their employees and their clients at the forefront. Manny & Rose Carlino have said life is not always about the dollars and sense but about the true bottom-line which is family and how important that is.

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