Registration for the Spring 2020 In-Town Recreational Softball League and the Spring 2020 Travel Softball League will be opening Jan. 13, 2020.  All players living in Westfield or currently enrolled in grades K-8 in Westfield schools are eligible for the In-Town Recreational League.  Eligibility for the Travel League requires In-Town registration and players with birthdays between 2006 - 2012. 

More information on the League can be found by looking through the Girls Softball League of Westfield website found at:

Click here for details about registration:

Register early to ensure your child a spot! The program is very popular, and some age groups fill up.

***SPONSORSHIPS AVAILABLE: The GSLW is seeking sponsorships for all In-Town Teams. Team sponsorships are $250 to $700, and the sponsor's name will be placed on the respective team's jerseys and/or field banners at Memorial. ***