YORKTOWN, N.Y. – Carolyn Gerstle, a senior at Yorktown High School and a member of Girl Scout Troop 2736, has completed her Gold Award.

Gerstle, whose project was titled “Care and Cuddle,” held workshops for younger troops and children to teach them the importance of knowing what to do in an emergency: calling 9-1-1, simple first aid, and having a family plan in place.

She received donations of stuffed animals and held a raffle to raise money to acquire more. Gerstle then donated these stuffed animals to first responders: fire department, police department, ambulance and Hudson Valley Hospital ER staff. Gerstle said this was something that first responders could have on hand when they arrived at an unfortunate incident to help comfort any children who might be frightened. An act of kindness, care and concern goes a long way no matter how big or small, she said.

This project can also be carried on by others who would like to replenish the supplies at any of the locations.