ACT Practice Exam with C2 Education of Mt. Kisco at the Somers Library 
Saturday. January 11 from 1:30 - 4:30  pm 

Here is your opportunity to try your hand at the ACT without having to worry about the score going anywhere. After the test, participants will receive an extensive score-report and a personalized consultation to go over your scores and answer your questions! Please bring graphing calculator, pens, pencils, and water and snack bar (optional). This program is for students grades 9 - 12. Please Note: If there are fewer than 25 registrants by the beginning of January, this program may be canceled and the library will notify the registrants accordingly. Registration is required; please register on our online calendar here or call us at 232-5717.  

About the Presenter: C2 Education of Mt. Kisco is a college preparation, admissions counseling and tutoring company that develops individualized programs to optimize students best chance of admissions to their dream college.  

Our programs are funded by The Friends of the Library. Thanks for your support!
The Somers Library ~ 914-232-5717 ~