AWAWALK, N.Y. – The treatment plant that usually delivers water to Somers and a part of Yorktown will be shut down for the weekend, said Matthew Geho, operations director at Northern Westchester Joint Water Works.

The temporary shut-down of the Amawalk Treatment Facility means residents of those towns will not receive fluoridated water.

Water treated at the Amawalk Treatment Facility makes up nearly 100 percent of Somers’ daily supply and about 33 percent of Yorktown’s. The rest of Yorktown’s supply is provided by the Catskill Water Treatment Facility, which has not fluoridated its water since 2013.

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“We have a lot of capital projects up there that require us to shut the plant down periodically,” Geho said.

The Amawalk plant, with fluoridated water, will be up and running Monday, he said.