A letter two weeks ago suggested that invasive vines are spreading throughout Yorktown. These vines are smothering and strangling trees throughout Yorktown’s wooded areas. Ordinary citizens were urged to prune now to prevent irreversible damage.

Is this a metaphor for what’s happening in Yorktown politics?

Are over-reaching politicians becoming Yorktown’s proverbial vines? Many feel that the Town Board is imposing its will and forcibly bending Yorktown in a direction many residents feel is wrong, especially in its commercial area. Both Sen. Murphy and Supervisor Grace have a vested interest in the fortunes of Yorktown’s commercial district rooted in their ownership of several properties on that strip. Have the public and private interest of a few politicians become so tangled and intertwined as to smother the best interest of ordinary residents of Yorktown? It seems like political tentacles have indiscriminately spread throughout every facet of our daily lives from regulating who can sell a puppy to ironically making tree laws. We do have to prune now to save the future. Vote.