This letter is in response to Supervisor Michael Grace’s comments in his interview with James Martorano.

Mr. Grace, you said you believe your role in our town is to “keep people in line.” You embrace being “Trump-like,” and you said showing arrogance is doing your job.

I disagree.

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Arrogance is not leadership, and your job is not to run meetings where you stifle dissent—it’s to represent and respond to your constituents. You’re ignoring everyone in Yorktown who wishes you’d put your energy toward filling empty storefronts and helping new, varied small businesses; creating and enforcing environmental rules that protect our trees, water, and air; developing a clear safety plan to protect us in the event of problems with the Spectra pipeline; supporting honesty and transparency in local government, including your own business dealings; and making sure everyone, including immigrants,  people of color and religious minorities, is safe in our town.

You seem to forget that we aren’t your children or your employees. YOU work for US. But not for much longer, I hope. 

Mr. Grace is up for re-election this Nov. 7. Register to vote: