It is difficult to read that  Mr. Bazzo, a climate change denier, claims in part that those who believe in the warming is a plot to destroy capitalism. He ignores the multiple signs of worldwide global warming that have persisted for decades.

Some of these are as follows:

1. Satellite photos this year show that the ice cover this past summer in the arctic is the  smallest on record. 

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2. In the last month, the antarctic has seen a berg the size of Manhattan Island break off from its ice shelf, which will cause a rise in oceans levels.

3. Worldwide examination of mountain glaciers has shown that nearly all have been receding for decades affecting water supply for many areas.

4. World temperature records have shown that the past two years have been the warmest for over 100 years and the warmest years have occurred in the most recent 20-year period.

5. Emissions of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas causing warming, are at their highest levels.

6. For those interested in local effects based on National Weather Service records in Putnam and northern Westchester dating back to 1888, the 10 warmest years have occurred since 1991.

7. This February so far is slated to be in the top 10 warmest (a good 5 degrees above normal), with two days of 60-plus highs setting new highs.

When the overwhelming majority of scientists (climate or otherwise), based on observed facts, see global warming as real, it is hard to believe that anyone, least of all a literate contributor to your weekly paper, to be a denier.