I read the letter from Jared Hertzberg in the May 24 edition of the Yorktown News with interest as to his attack on Councilmember Lachertman. Mr. Hertzberg is, of course, correct in that the Yorktown Town Board has no say in lawful immigration. However, neither does the county executive nor the Board of Legislators. Yet, Mr. Hertzberg makes no mention of the county law. Both, however, do have a say in unlawful immigration. To have any law that inhibits the notification to responsible authorities of a person who has committed a crime, as the county law does, is poor public policy. Can you imagine when a person who commits a crime in Westchester and who lives in Putnam is stopped in Putnam and the officer involved decides that because the crime was a Westchester crime the individual should not be detained and Westchester notified?

Again, lawful immigration is not the same as unlawful immigration, just as lawful behavior is not the same as unlawful behavior. Mr. Hertzberg is entitled to his opinion, but one would hope that his opinion would be consistent.