In her letter to the editor (“Be Careful What You Read”), Ms. Patricia Sullivan-Rothberg looks to blame the prior administration for the lack of planning for the town of Yorktown parks. She insinuates that the issues have been ignored during the time that Mr. Grace was in office with Councilman Diana and myself.

Perhaps Ms. Sullivan-Rothberg should properly research her narrative before sending it in instead of just trying to defend Mr. Gilbert. If she did, she would realize that this was one of the many issues that were taken up after the election in 2015. In a time where the Town Board was holding extra work sessions every week to catch up on items that needed to be addressed, we had a special meeting on March 9, 2016, with the Planning Board and the Parks and Recreation Commission.

In that meeting, there was discussion on having a master list of priority needs for our parks so that there could be a concentrated effort when asking builders for public benefit contributions when required from their projects. In that meeting, the commissioners grudgingly admitted that this was a necessary thing and promised to give a detailed report at the May 17, 2016. This did not happen, even after multiple requests, and I feel that it was because the Parks Commission does not think that it is the responsibility of the Town Board to do anything for the parks, as referenced by Commissioner Al Avitable in his letter to the editor. 

Fast forward to 2018. Supervisor Gilbert, immediately upon taking office, relinquished all control of Parks and Recreation to the commission—including Granite Knolls. He has repeatedly stated the same feeling that the Parks and Recreation Commission is responsible for the decisions for the parks. It is an argument that Councilman Diana and myself have had with him since he took office and one that he refuses to address in a public meeting. This shirking of responsibility and lack of transparency in addressing it is the true cause of why there is no plan or support for our parks and our park employees.