In his book, “Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder,” Dr. Michael Savage addresses all Americans having patriotic, religious and family values with these words: “ I believe that with God’s will and with your determination to confront the mental disorder of liberalism whenever and wherever it is found, America can both survive and thrive.” It is with this purpose that the hate-filled diatribe in Bernie Kosberg’s articled describing Donald Trump as a “Dangerous demagogue” is addressed.

There is no need to deflect the distortions, half-truths and lies in Bernie Kosberg’s article sine the venomous hatred projected by the author disqualifies it as a piece of rational objective journalism. Character assassination is a tool of the obsessed that reveals an irrational mindset that defies logic and reason. It is at the very core of a defense mechanism when the disastrous social, economic, and political failures brought about by liberal agendas cannot be defended.

Before Bernie Kosberg maliciously maligns anyone’s character he should look in a mirror. There he will find one who truly fits the dictionary definition of a “dangerous demagogue.”.