Michael Grace, the Yorktown town supervisor, needs to hire a lawyer to fight ethics complaints leveled against him in his own private law practice, which he maintains in addition to being paid as a “ full-time” supervisor at $121,328 per year.

So he’s paying for his personal attorney with our tax dollars.

If this sounds crazy, it is. The even crazier thing is that three members of the town board—Ed Lachterman, Tom Diana and Greg Bernard, whose job it is to keep the supervisor’s powers in check—are so completely under Grace’s thumb that they voted in favor of his unethical plan.

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Sometimes it’s hard to focus on our small-town issues in the face of overwhelming national news. But these are our tax dollars, being spent by a public servant on that elected official’s private lawyer. And it is happening right here and right now, in our own community. It’s disgraceful.

I feel very confident in the ethics of Ilan Gilbert, who’s running against Grace for the supervisor job, and I plan to vote for him in the upcoming election. I hope you do the same and vote for the entire team, including Alice Roker and Vishnu Patel. Grace’s time is up.