The last few weeks, the rhetoric around this local race has approached a boiling point. Personal attacks, destruction of public and campaign property has occurred, and a slander campaign has been launched. As a candidate, I’m calling for a break in the partisan politics.

I, for one, can appreciate the need for and right to a difference of opinion. But there’s also channels and ways to go about it. The megaphone approach is a nifty way to grab attention—but when you have it, you need to use it constructively. Our opponents have demonstrated quite effectively they can yell and scream and shout. They don’t pass muster when it comes to presenting a series of solutions after the foghorn goes off. This is what you can expect from career politicians and candidates who have stale ideas or no ideas at all.

The election comes down to two very fundamental principles: a record and competency. The Republican candidates have presented an issue-based campaign—adding to the record of six years of consecutive flat taxes, bringing in new businesses (14 opened in September alone), record investment in infrastructure, and a vision with solutions for the future.

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Look no further than the Yorktown News interview with candidate Alice Roker on Sept. 13, and they have openly stated they have no plan to bring in businesses. That’s not competency or leadership. It’s a megaphone approach to distract you from the progress we’ve seen all over town.

So, let’s take a break from the politics of campaigning and focus on the issues. Come to the Chamber of Commerce debate on Oct. 25, and let’s discuss them in an open forum for everyone to hear for themselves. We need leadership and vision beyond rhetoric and finger-pointing, and it’s what you’ll get when you vote for the record of the team working together to move Yorktown forward.

Rob Puff is a Republican candidate for town council.